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Love the game but in desperate need of update

Totally in love with the simplicity of the game, provides awesome challenges. But Im totally sick of being stuck on level 75-come on!! Give us some freshness please!!


Very challenging but fun it will never get old

Great game, very difficult

im currently on level 43, and i think the exclamation points mean no other sugar color can get it. but when i think i have a solution, the game restarts even if no other color gets in. any tips? maybe make it less difficult? otherwise the game is really fun to play!


Challenging, but not to the point of aggravation.

One of my favorites

I loved the computer version of this game & was tickled to see an app version. Worth every cent I paid. Good job!

One of my iPhone game staples.

I love Sugar Sugar. Its cheeky and simple but different enough on each level to hold my attention. Boredom with games is my biggest issue and this has yet to happen with Sugar Sugar. I have been playing it off and on for the past 3 years (!) and always make sure to add it to my phone whenever I get a new one. Please keep this app around forever, its one of my faves.

Coolest game that cost money ever

I love the game I used to play it on abcya, but I got their app and there was no sugar I bought this and I dont regret it. It has 75 levels and Im stuck on the 17th one. Please help me if youve beat it

Great Game So Adicting

This is one of my all time favorite game. It is so addicting and I think that this game deserves five stars who ether made this game is really good at making great addicting games thx

Love it, almost

I truly enjoy playing this game for myself, but the planning and problem solving aspects also make it a good tool for my clients with disabilities. My only suggestion would be to add a control that allows you to move forwards (or backwards) through the levels without having to back to the main screen. Maybe just through the levels a person has unlocked. That would be great for picking new levels to work on with a client.

Good concept...

...Physics needs some work though. Sugar falling should look more fluid.


This game is fun

Sweet Fun!

I think this is a great game, you could certainly improve the flow of the sugar. Compared to the computer game it is almost just as good. I am stuck on level 33, help would be appreciated.


This app is amazingly addicting. So fun and challenging Definitely worth the 99 cents.


Great game. Just wish there were more levels.


Great game! Just like on coolmathgames! Highly recommended.


I love this game! I played the whole game on cool math games. Can you guys make a second one??

Good game

Not too challenging but enough to be fun. Good game too kill time with.

Love it!!!

I really like how the game is so interactive with the sugar and how you control where it goes, I also love the hard challenges, Im trying to figure out level 15 right now!!

Level 10 has no solution

good game but cannot move past level ten. no solution.

Good game

Overall it is a good and fun game! One thing I think that needs changed is the redo level button it sometimes gets hit by accident resulting in a restart of the whole level when having the level almost done

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